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The development of the fourth industrial revolution is a driving force for online training to continue growing and is estimated to reach $325 billion by 2025 globally. It is the result of various countries around the world, especially countries having population and economic pressure such as India, Philippines, Mexico ... consider this as an opportunity to catch up and narrow the gap with developed countries. Facing the demands of modern education as well as the Covid-19 epidemic, lots of people do believe that online training in our country needs to improve the readiness level further.

Implementing the motto "Stop school, not stop learning" of the Ministry of Education and Training, in advance, Ocean Edu English System has deployed the Online training program with foreign teachers methodically, allowing students review the entire lesson, assess themselves, their potential and limitations for effective learning. Hoa Nhap Newspaper has a talk with Mr Nguyen Van Thuong - Vice Chairman of Ocean Edu Vietnam to share about this advanced learning solution.

Training quality is based on the experience of each institution and needs constantly innovating

Dear Sir, online learning is not just emerging in Vietnam at the moment, but new challenges require our technology platform to be always available. How do you think about this opinion?

Yes, hello everyone. First of all, I would like to share about our Ocean Edu English System which has 13 years of experience in education, especially English training. In the development journey, we always accompany the Ministry of Education to update new technology, new textbooks, especially new online and offline learning solutions from advanced countries such as the UK, Northern Europe, or America. We also actively participate in educational forums to update educational solutions and technologies.


Mr Nguyen Van Thuong - Vice Chairman of the BOD Ocean Edu Vietnam

So specifically what are the methods that Ocean Edu has applied so far to maximize the effectiveness of online programs?

At Ocean Edu, we always pay attention to four criteria.

The first is the platform and software solutions. We have to choose the most updated technology platform and the most effective online training solution based on the world's advanced and modern ones.

The second is the Curriculum. We need to choose all prestigious and reputable publishers, then we have to compile based on training software for students to easily understand, which is suitable for each age including the 4-16-year-old program, IELTS preparation, TOEIC preparation ... The lessons are integrated into the game, making them deeply interested in learning, practising and memorising. The video recording also helps them to rewatch the lessons and identify their abilities, talents to develop as well as find out their limitations to improve better.

Thirdly, it is necessary to carry out training, coaching of staff, teachers on how to teach, online teaching solutions as well as applications using the online platform, various smart training solutions that online program can do while offline has not been available.

The fourth is Monitoring programs and post-training quality. We build a quality management team to manage the quality of teaching preparation, organizing classes, conducting tests and evaluations to make the adjustments as rapid as possible. This monthly, quarterly or annually according to each level like the international exams Cambridge, IELTS, TOEIC ... can evaluate students' academic results.

Ocean Edu focuses on 4 criteria to build the program: Platform, Curriculum, Implementation and Monitoring


Online training helps to optimize the study time compared to traditional offline methodologies.

Currently, how is the quality management of online training being implemented by the centre?

In fact, online training is not new, but we need to update it constantly, monthly rather than annually, and technology change is a solution to change. For example, with younger students, we break the class down, like group training, or we can teach one to one to be more effective. Most importantly, there must be an explicit training solution.

In addition to the current scale of Ocean Edu, we must consider the platform or online solutions not only for small classes but for thousands and millions of people. The usual form is a platform that students can self-study, or study on a syllabus-based curriculum. However, at Ocean Edu, we co-operate both. Programs that are synchronized with the platforms posted on self-study are completely free for students. With more specialized programs, we divide into a one-to-one training model, or a group of 2-3 students with one teacher, to achieve efficiency rapidly.



So what are the advantages of online training as opposed to traditional earning programs?

I can confirm that the online platform has more intelligent methods than offline learning. The first is that we can have solutions for listening, learning, and memorizing that offline programs have not done yet on technology platforms. Students can listen over and over again. Technology can then check students’ results immediately and make adjustments.

The second is that as with exercises, the worksheet is now much effortless. Students can do homework faster, easier to understand, self-record to memorize and review. We can use pictures, voices, and other solutions to help students remember and understand lessons as quickly as possible.

An optimal point is that online learning can be applied anywhere, anytime. In happy and unhappy times, students can study, they can access many times a day, not just once. Parents will be able to reduce transportation costs, as well as save time, so children can take advantage of that time to study online. Parents can also follow their children more closely with their studies, for example, when at office, they still can observe their children's online learning at home. Moreover, parents can review and review your child's learning process as all of his/her learning are recorded, if there is any knowledge that children do not understand, they can review again and relearn.


Online learning helps optimize time, promote learning spirit and help parents follow their children more closely


Online training is a trend of the world and Vietnam is no exception

What is the orientation of the centre to this development, as well as your opinion on this model in the world?

It is demonstrated that online learning has solved plenty of problems: learning spirit, study time as well as school solutions, teachers will optimize costs and technology innovation. As I have shared, Ocean Edu is always updated and renewed, to reach the latest learning platform applied in Vietnam.

Updating the change with online learning is also much faster than offline learning, due to, today we are researching in the UK, USA, Northern Europe, or some other part of the world, perhaps only 1 month later, it has been able to deploy all around the world, which is the superiority and the speed of updates. An offline program may need to be researched, trained, and then updated for many years. Thus, the trend of online learning will be much more economical, the solution of learning is much smarter and more effective in the future when we are living in the 4.0 era. I affirm, technology is indispensable in future learning solutions.

Yes, thank you for the sharing above!

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According to Hoa Nhap Newspaper.

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