Việt Nam English



I. The foundation and development of OCEAN EDU

OCEAN EDU International Education System is the leading organization in teaching English in Vietnam, with the international standardized learning courses for learners of different ages. Over 16 years of development, OCEAN EDU has flourished to more than 150 branches in all provinces and cities across the country.

OCEAN EDU Vietnam has a team of 100% foreign teachers with high pedagogical qualifications, dedicated to teaching, more than 2000 employees with enthusiasm and professionalism, and modern facilities. So far, OCEAN EDU has welcomed over 150,000 students every year and successfully trained more than 1,000,000 students. More than 90% of the student re-enrollment demonstrates our effective training quality, furthermore, the sustainable value of OCEAN EDU.

OCEAN EDU has been striving to become a leading educational group in Vietnam, contributing to changing the English education of the country as well as empowering Vietnamese people in the international arena.

Along with the international standard education program and the outstanding development process over the years, OCEAN EDU has received many noble titles and awards which are worth being an international standard English center in Vietnam. (Click here to see Awards and Titles).

II. Objective and Educational Philosophy

III. About logo and slogan of OCEAN EDU

OCEAN EDU's Logo: The combination of the lighthouse and laurel wreaths along with the blue color of sky and sea has created an extremely harmonious as well as impressive logo image, giving a sense of peace and reliability. OCEAN EDU assures that the knowledge ship will across the ocean and land successfully in the joy of victory and glory.

Slogan: "Turn on your potential": OCEAN EDU always conveys the actual values which each student acquaint in the academic world. OCEAN EDU will always be devoted to the mission of training Vietnamese talents to reach out to the world. With these positive and helpful contributions to the country, OCEAN EDU is proud to be the most prestigious educational brand which was loved and chosen by many people.


IV. Five core values of OCEAN EDU

V. Study Curriculum 

OCEAN EDU's programmes are compiled and regularly updated according to the international standards. We also bring these lessons with high practicality and suitability for each age group that helps students achieve the highest result not solely at work but also in real life.

The preeminent feature of OCEAN EDU's curriculum is one of the most modern technology in the world named Learning Management System, LMS. This is a tool to manage students, curriculum, as well as enhance the interaction between parents and teachers anytime, anywhere.



VI. Students

OCEAN EDU develops an apparent and long-term learning road map which commits to be effective and assure an open future for students. Every student from a young age until entering high school, university, or higher levels all have great experiences with an international education environment as OCEAN EDU, this will help them easily integrate and become global citizens.

OCEAN EDU applies rigorous and methodical learning progress: Before registering, students will have a placement test to evaluate their English levels and consult the appropriate pathway. During the learning process, there will be Quarter and Bi-Annual examinations to track students' performance. Besides, students also participate in various interesting extracurricular activities. Parents will be frequently updated the teacher's comments, the children's situation in the classroom and their academic orientation.        


Along with the concentration on the training quality, standard progress from people to facilities, and the cooperation of students and parents, OCEAN EDU is committed to giving you the best educational products and services in the highest quality.