Việt Nam English


Understanding the importance of infrastructure in education, Ocean Edu has consolidated the system of facilities at all training branches to meet the international standards which are spacious - modern - comfortable from the reception area to each classroom. This creates an ideal English learning environment for students to achieve the most effective study whilst feeling confident, happy and relaxing in every lesson.




The reception area is the first place to welcome all students and parents to Ocean Edu. Our enthusiastic and professional staffs will be dedicated to helping students choose the right course and giving parents a sense of safety when sending their children to study here.


Reception area


Moreover, students will be comfortable in an open space, which creates an environment for students to interact and exchange knowledge after class and also provides free reading, document research. Ocean Edu's bookshelf is neatly arranged next to the front desk. This is an essential and useful learning library with a full range of learning materials for different levels, including English textbooks, English reference books, Company journals,  Cambridge test program brochures, training programs for each age group, etc.




Ocean Edu's classrooms are divided into the following areas: Learning space for ages 4-11, learning space for ages 11-16, adult space and one-on-one learning space. Each space has a unique design, suitable for each specific training program to enhance interest as well as learning efficiency.


Kindy + Kids space: For children and elementary students. The design of colourful and funny classrooms and vivid visual tools help them get familiar with foreign languages and easy to remember. Kids will be more interested in learning English day by day.


Kindy + Kids space


Teens space: For high school students. Fresh and spacious design with rows of tables and chairs arranged in order, neatly, mostly Western-style one-person tables make students autonomously study and perfect their skills.


Teens space


Adult space: Adult classrooms are often smaller, with a more focused scale, modern facilities and adequate learning materials for students' learning.


Adult space


VIP space: For one-to-one learning style. The classroom is always in the best condition for learners with the best machine system to meet the learning needs with the highest quality.



VIP space (Private class)


Each classroom is fully equipped with the most advanced equipment and teaching facilities available today such as Projector, TV, DVD player, cassette player and various other essential learning tools.

The arrangement of tables and chairs scientifically and creatively also contributes to creating a sense of comfort and relaxation for students during the learning process. The maximum number of students per class is 15 students so that teachers and students can easily interact directly with each other.

In addition, Ocean Edu's library has computers accessed to the internet, with diverse resources which are carefully synthesized for students to develop the best self-study skills. Free wireless fibre Internet (WIFI) system in all internal areas of the center will be a great utility for students to freely choose a place to study.

It can be determined that the superior facilities that Ocean Edu provides for students will bring an effective, friendly and comfortable learning environment as well as it helps them achieve the best result.