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Ocean Edu's ambition is to enhance the knowledge value for the community through professional foreign language training programs, contribute to the English education of Vietnam and raise Vietnam’s position in the international arena. Ocean Edu has constantly contributed to the education of the country with outstanding achievements. To maintain that attainment, Ocean Edu's staffs always try our best to improve the customer service’s quality.


With the mission of a friendly and dedicated bridge, Hotline 1900 6494 always listen and respond to all the questions about programs’ information, customers’ feedbacks and suggestions during the time with Ocean Edu.


How can Ocean Edu's Customer Service help you?


  • Take care of students before, during and after the course, provide for customers with information about training programs, courses, study abroad programs, registration procedures, placement test, etc. 
  • Answer questions, students, parents or customers’ feedbacks about the study curriculum as well as the training and service quality of Ocean Edu.
  • Acknowledge all customers' comments on the service and training quality. If you are satisfied with the service, please positively encourage our staffs. If there is any inconvenience or downcast, do not hesitate to give us suggestions to improve the service quality.


With an expeditious connection of fewer than 10 seconds, Ocean Edu will listen to you and respond to 100% of your needs immediately. Contact Hotline 1900 6494 to be served with the most dedicated and valuable service by our Ocean Edu's consultants!


In addition to the hotline 1900 6494, you can contact Ocean Edu by one of the following options:


  • Contact by phone number of Ocean Edu Local Branch. List of Branches here.
  • Use the ONLINE CONTACT FORM on Ocean Edu website here.
  • Contact by email:
  • Comments on Ocean Edu's Facebook page (  or Ocean Edu Branches’ pages here.
  • You can also directly meet Ocean Edu Branch Managers and consultants at the centers to receive support in the nick of time. 


With the motto "Sharing is believing", Ocean Edu's Customer Service is committed to becoming a reliable companion of Customers on all roads