Việt Nam English



OCEAN EDU offers various international-standard programs, a wide range of English courses, a professional training environment as well as always applies the latest learning methods. We encourage English learners to maintain their passion, equip them with knowledge, and help them to set the stage for the future.

Who are OCEAN EDU learners?

  • You are a busy businessman who needs to use English at work for foreign projects, business trips or travelling.
  • You are a leader, a senior manager that always have to wait for interpreters in contractual transactions or social activities.
  • You are an officer in the period of international economic integration with countless opportunities, and English is an essential foundation.
  • You are a public figure but have limited English skill, and you are faced with losing lots of development opportunities.
  • You are wondering how to study Master, PhD, Postgraduate, study abroad, etc.?
  • You are a 4 to a 16-year-old kid who desires to learn English to achieve a better life.
  • You are a university student or have completed grade 12 - high school being in need of learning English to increase job opportunities and to interact with international friends.


No matter who you are, where you at, OCEAN EDU is always here to welcome you all!



1. Placement test: Students will be evaluated by 100% foreign teachers, help them understand their English current level.


2. Assessing and Orienting: Based on your current level, our experts will help you choose the most suitable learning procedure to achieve the best result.


3. Course Arrangement: Ocean Edu’s staffs arrange classes for students according to the accurate level and timetable.


4. Tuition fee Completing: Ocean Edu’s staffs help parents complete the tuition fee and instruct students on admission.