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TOEFL Primary and Junior 2016 officially launched.

18/07/2016 - 684 lượt xem

Toefl primary and junior is officially launched a contest to evaluate English proficiency for students in primary and secondary school students.

Following the great success of the program in 2015,  Ocean Edu once again launched TOEFL primary and junior to encouarage students to learn more about the English language.


This year's program honored to open doors to all the contestants across the country,whether you are a student of ocean edu or not. With a total prize value  of up to 200 million Dong . Ocean edu is hoping to find the most qualified candidates, complete with the qualities and conditions for Ocean edu to give the scholarships to styudy in Singapore.

Official Poster of the program


* Participants:

- The TOEFL Primary: Primary students from 6-11 years of age

- The TOEFL Junior: Secondary School Students aged 12 - 16 years


* The contest is divided into three rounds with attractive prize structure:

Round 1: BRANCH COMPETITION (Qualifying branch)

Round 2: INTER - BRANCH COMPETITION (Round competition between branches cluster)

Round 3: NATIONWIDE COMPETITION ROUND (Round finals in Hanoi)


Let's see what the press says about the competition and the special class at Ocean Edu only Vietnam too (see here )


Ocean Edu Vietnam Talents

Tran Hong Quan, Le Tran Tue Chau, Nguyen Binh Phuong Trang, Nguyen Hoang Anh is 4 out of 12 students who achieved the gold medal in Olympiad "Talented English" in Northern Region. The 4 students are currently enrolled in Ocean Edu Phuc Yen.

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What the press say about Ocean Edu English System

Before the trend of integration and globalization,English is considered as the Universal language. English Language plays a very important role in the integration period of the globalization today.

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