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TOEFL JUNIOR - Activities that will motivate students to accomplish their curricular goals

22/08/2016 - 1780 lượt xem

Extracurricular activities are useful part of education that will provide positive gains for the students. These activities will motivate students to accomplish their curricular goals. These kinds of activities will help students to gain confidence and enable students to display their skills and abilities with ease. These activities will provide students a wonderful language learning environment, and encourage students to improve their level of English.

Last August 20, Ocean Edu Vietnam held the last round for the TOEFL Junior Battle of Achievers 2016 for all Hanoi branches and other provinces.  There were 10 branches who came in to join for the last group of branches who competed for the qualifying round to determine who among them will move forward to the Nationwide round which will be held on August 27, 2016. A day before the contest, Vietnam was hit by a storm that made everyone worry if the students would be able to make it the next day. As a coach and mentor, I was really worried about my students and if they would be able to make it on the competition day. Luckily, with ardent prayers and hope the students came in to take part on the test and the WORDS IN MOTION competition. On that day, I was the one who was so nervous of what would be the outcome of the contest. As a teacher, the task was not that easy for you have to encourage the students to perform well and to do their best for the competition. The only hope I had on that day that my students would do their best. It was a day full of excitement for all students from different branches had shown their talents and had done their best to bring forth honor and name to their respective branches.


As a teacher and a mentor, it was a great pride to see your students had done their best to showcase their talents and skills. They said NO PAIN,  No Gain…after weeks of reviewing and practices everything had been paid off especially one of our student was hailed as TOP 1 for the TOEFL Junior test though we didn’t win in the WORDS in Motion contest but I should say the students had done a great job during that day!




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