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The Eventful Groundwork of Summer Camp 2016

18/07/2016 - 1840 lượt xem

Teacher Gino share his experience during Summer Camp 2016.

The few weeks of togetherness with the Summer Camp Students 2016 had brought to us LEARNING, FUN, and SUCCESS.

    Students experienced series of activities, academic related topics, socializations, leadership and team working. The myriad diversity of the student’s background and experiences challenges their attitude towards dealing with each other and develop an apparent change in their behavior. This is where learning comes in.

    In as much as possible, the classes with the students must not be a usual classroom setting. In consideration to the year’s season, summer has to be enjoyed and have fun not only within the four walls of the classroom, but outdoor activities like playground, swimming pool, Science Fair and technology centers, Zoo, and Parks, will instill in them a memory they wouldn’t forget.

    Lastly, let’s discourse about success. The preparations for the Summer Camp Graduation may never be easy. During the practices, students may be very playful and reveal their childish behaviors, which is quite tacit in their ages. But still, they came up a successful grand finale which they really enjoyed.

    The Ocean Edu’s Summer Camp 2016 Program is not just about business and having a lot of students. But it’s a great mission, allowed to happen, to create a significant experience to the lives of everyone. - A MEMORY for the Students; A CONTENTMENT and SATISFACTION for the Teachers and Staff; A PRIDE of Ocean Edu; and an INSPIRATION to everyone.

By: Gino C. Gerasol


"What a journey it has been"

Teacher Steffany share her experience in Summer Boarding Camp Graduation and her gratitude to the students.

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"This is it"

Teacher Angeline shared her experience during the summer boarding camp graduation.

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Announcing the results of TOEFL PRIMARY 2016 Achievers 2nd Phase

Results for Toefl primary achievers 2016 Inter-Branch Competition that was held in Viet Tri and Bac Ninh

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TOEFL PRIMARY Achievers 2nd Phase at Ocean Edu Viet Tri

5 Ocean Edu branches , Ocean edu Lao cai, Yen Bai, Vinh Yen, Phuc yen and Viet tri take the 2nd phase of TOEFl Primary Achievers contest held at Ocean Edu Viet Tri.

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Located on one of the busiest streets of the capital, Nguyen Luong Bang Ocean Edu facility is equipped with modern equipment for students, with a desire to bring a quality English language center.

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