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Teaching at Ocean Edu a wonderful Experience

24/11/2015 - 1594 lượt xem

The work of the noble profession of teachers

This far working at Ocean Edu Royal City is a positive experience to me. I love the branch and enjoy working here. It is nice to work with staff with who one has a good working relationship with and that are going out of their way to help and to support where needed. It is also a positive experience to be able to teach in nice facilities and to be able to use electronic equipment in the class during classes. It happened a few times that students wanted to know what a certain word means and to be able to access that information in class via the internet or even to show the students clips of certain things that is relevant to that specific class. I also like the teaching material that Ocean Edu is using in their courses because as a teacher there is a lot that one can do to expand on the material and also to flex it to the specific needs of the students

I also like the students that I am teaching. I feel that I am starting to get a better grip on understanding the culture and also how to interact with the students. Working with students always poses a challange because one is working. Some students are dream students that are excelling in their learning and mastery of English while others can be naughty from time to time or do not take their studies that serious. The challenge as a teacher is to find ways to positively impact the learning process of both these groups of students. I also love to teach students from all ages because that in itself is also posing a challange because each group requires a different approach to effectively impact in the class and to make the learning process a positive experience. Also with my special classes I have with adult learners to develop lessons in such a manner that they address the specific needs of the students

As teacher I have a passion for teaching and to help learners develop their full potential. I do not see teaching as a temporary thing in my life therefore I am serious in my approach to teaching and to serve the company to the best of my ability. I am here to work and through my experiences to learn more of the culture and the people and how to approach teaching in this context to maximize the learning process for the learners. I am also busy doing futher studies through the British council in teaching English as a foreign language to further develop my teaching skills in a cross cultural context.