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Teacher's Experience during TOEFL Competetion

13/08/2016 - 1544 lượt xem

Teacher Don shares his experience during the Toefl Competition in

 Being able to be part of the TOEFL Junior Competition (2nd phase)held at Bac Ninh was really a great experience indeed, knowing that you have imparted something to the learners that enabled them to cogitate that they really have talents. They have proven to their parents, everyone and most specially to themselves that they also got the X-factor aside from being one of the best academically. I have witnessed from their faces how they were so happy when they heard their names being called and declared as the winner in Words in Motion during that time. That day to me was so overwhelming because our learners are really achievers.

         In behalf of my co-teachers and staff in OE Bac Giang, we thank you all for preparing activities or events like this because it really helps the learners to somehow balance their IQ and IE of learning. I would like to complement you also for making the whole event well-set/organized which led the whole thing so smooth. 


        KUDOS to everyone!



Teacher Tax shares his experience during the Toefl Junior Competition.

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