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Teacher's Descriptive Profile (John)

26/11/2015 - 1413 lượt xem

"I love my job"

I'm teacher John and I have been teaching here in Ocean Edu since 2011. I had never imagined nor anticipated staying for a long period. Many factors made me stay longer in Vietnam; these are the cordiality of the people, the serene environment, and the warm relieving smile of the students in class.

As a licensed teacher, I am assertive that my pedagogies yield fruitful results. Students have different learning styles and I try to address their learning needs through a fusion of traditional or conventional method and updated or modern teaching strategies.

I specialize in developing the speaking, listening, pronunciation and communicative competencies of the learners. Apart from these, I also give opportunities for them to develop their skills in lexis and syntax.

My classroom is a ship where students get to sail and learn efficiently and productively. Welcome aboard!



Teaching at Ocean Edu a wonderful Experience

The work of the noble profession of teachers

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