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Teache Russel Experience during Mid-Autumn Festival

20/09/2016 - 577 lượt xem

Teacher Russel shares her experience during Mid-Autumn.

               My student from TEENS3A-8 Solution Pre-Inter class wants to share her experiences during the Mid-Autumn Festival. And I quote, "Hello, my name is Linda, I'm a student at Ocean Edu Phu Ly. I will tell you about my Mid-Autumn Festival experiences in Ocean Edu Phu Ly last week. Before this festival, we spent two days preparing for the said event so there won't any problem during the show. The show started at exactly 7:00 pm at Ocean Edu Phu Ly's premises. Everyone were gathered at 6:55 pm. They were all happy and excited while waiting for the show to start. The opening was a blast because 3 of the teachers danced gracefully. The performance was great that everyone clapped their hands loudly. Then, teacher Juvy and teacher Rose the main characters of the show came out and appeared on the stage. They were Hang Nga and Cuon. They organized and facilitated many games. All the games were interesting. Everyone felt happy and of course, all the winners received prizes. After that, we had the music shows. Teachers and students showcased their innate talents. To mention some, singing, dancing, playing of some musical instruments such as the guitar and piano. Meanwhile, three teams namely Pokemon, Lucky Star, and Ocean's Sky competed in decorating a fruit tray with the theme of their choice and presented it to the crowd afterwards. The aforementioned teams has each one representative who presented and talked about their fruit trays. There were also a set of judges who are expert in judging the said competition. Ocean's Sky was declared as the winner of the fruit tray competition and the group members received a backpack prepared by Ocean Edu Phu Ly as their prize.The other groups received Ocean Edu's T-shirt and notebooks. We also enjoyed fruits and candies that were served during the show. Not to forget my favorite food which is the moon cake. It's the traditional food in Mid-Autumn Festival. We really had a wonderful and the most unforgettable Mid-Autumn experience. I love Mid-Autumn Festival so much! :) What about you? How's your Mid-Autumn Festival? Care to share it with us? 






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