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Summer Camp 2016

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Teacher Lyka shares her experience in Summer Camp 2016.


           Summer Camp 2016 was such a fun, rewarding, and refreshing experience.  Spending time with the kids and teens and facilitating them in their talents was one of the highlights in the camp.  The way the kids and teens organized and experimented with their ideas and what they could do showed me their true potentials.  It consequently allowed me to understand how much I can add to their education so that their full potentials will be realized.  It was really amazing how they were able to collaborate with their teams that their teamwork was very obvious in the final presentations.  As their summer camp teacher it made me very proud to see them perform their different skills like singing, dancing, and art.


          As teaching is a two-way learning process, it was also very enjoyable to learn with the kids and teens during our museum tours.  It made me appreciate more the culture and life of the people in Vietnam through the history we were able to “see.”  The relics and exhibits in the museums were really interesting and are very rich with historic significance.  They were even more educational as evidenced by the kids’ and teens’ immense concentration on some of the remarkable artifacts and documents.  It is such a wonderful sight to actually see the kids and teens be very interested in their cultural heritage and meet their birthright face-to-face, like knowing about historical places, and it was even more fulfilling that I witnessed it firsthand. Summer Camp 2016 will remain not only one of the most memorable events I ever was a part of, but definitely one of the most educational.  It is an experience worth repeating.  Thank you, Ocean Edu, for granting me this opportunity, and for offering me more in the future.


The Eventful Groundwork of Summer Camp 2016

Teacher Gino share his experience during Summer Camp 2016.

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Teacher Steffany share her experience in Summer Boarding Camp Graduation and her gratitude to the students.

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Teacher Angeline shared her experience during the summer boarding camp graduation.

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Announcing the results of TOEFL PRIMARY 2016 Achievers 2nd Phase

Results for Toefl primary achievers 2016 Inter-Branch Competition that was held in Viet Tri and Bac Ninh

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TOEFL PRIMARY Achievers 2nd Phase at Ocean Edu Viet Tri

5 Ocean Edu branches , Ocean edu Lao cai, Yen Bai, Vinh Yen, Phuc yen and Viet tri take the 2nd phase of TOEFl Primary Achievers contest held at Ocean Edu Viet Tri.

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