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You Chu Ngoc Quang Vinh , also known in English as Bin , a practitioner intelligent , hardworking , and the youngest of the class Teens1A - 6 . But you grade 3 , but you can learn along with your degree level 2. Let's see your confided that while studying at Ocean Yen Bai offline !

My name is Vinh, the student at Nguyen Viet Xuan Primary School, Yen Bai City. I like English a lot. When I have known Ocean Edu Center at 194 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Yen Bai city - It’s an English Center  and the foreign teachers are teaching students here. I told my parents let me study in Ocean so that I can speak fluently. My family is not very rich so my parents had embrassment, but my grandparents said : " Yes! "
Then they took me to Ocean Edu Center. My grandpa said: " English is very popular in the world". So I am a student of Ocean Edu Center.
I've learned eight lessons, I think my grandpa is correct. I have talked with the foreign teacher so my English is better than the past and I did the English exam of the school,the city and the province I was in the first.

Chu Ngoc Quang 




Hello friends! His name is Y Nhi , her English name is Jenny , she was attending classes at Ocean Edu KIDS3B1 Bac Ninh

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Series những câu chuyện thú vị tại Ocean Edu Ninh Bình ( Phần 6)

Ngày đầu tiên đi học, với mỗi bố mẹ là một câu chuyện tuy có nhiều điểm chung nhưng cũng là những câu chuyện rất riêng.

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"I like learning in Ocean Edu so much! "

You Nguyen Ngoc Thao ( Nana ) - a smart little friend and lovely KIDS3B layer -2 had said these words very innocent and cute after a long time studying in Vietnam Tri Ocean Edu . We shared the same whether you did something offline.

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Start learning English is not difficult ?

"Decree strength and endurance can s for everything "

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Happiness starts from simple things

Happy smiles of students when you receive gifts from the heart of English Ocean Edu - Ninh Binh .

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