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Ocean Edu Yen Bai Tops this Year Essay Writing Competition.

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Ocean Edu Yen Bai student wins this year's Essay Writing Contest.


During the Ocean Edu Ielts and Toeic Circle of Champions 2016, students from different branches battle their way up in Essay Writing Competition to be the Champion. 

Why is this competition important for students? 

In this way students will develop their writing skills in preparation for Ielts Examination.

With the theme "Many Languages, One World", here are the top entries during the Ocean Edu Essay Writing Competition: 

Branch: Ocean Edu Yen Bai
Name: Pham Thuy Duong  

"   Statistics shows that there are about 200 countries with more than 6500 languages in this world. Without a language would blind people together, this world would never be a better place to live in. Thanks to English.

    First of all, every country has its own language. If there was no language that unite people together, we would never know about the people in other countries about their colorful cultures and about their good characteristics. We can understand each other and have friends from all over the world. Indeed, we are all linked by English.

   Secondly, English provides us opportunities in life. For Instance, when you are endowed with English prowess, you have more chances not only to study abroad but also to get scholarships from international universities. Furthermore, you will be prioritized by the company you applied for, especially the international ones.

   Thirdly, English is an international language. You can comfortably travel any country you want. Even if you are not blessed financially to explore the World, your knowledge can still be expounded and elaborated. Everything is on the internet nowadays. With just one click, you can get all information you possibly have.

   Finally, if a person is gifted with the English language he is learning new way to think and to express himself through written or spoken language. He has other ways deliberately air out his ideas to others in variety of social and work circumstances. This furnishes him in an open mind.

   To sum up as a conclusion, English is a driving force which unifies confusion and misinterpretation brought about ambiguity and differences of languages. It combines many languages into one unified World.


 2nd Place
Branch: Ocean Edu Royal City
Name: Ngo Tran Hong Dieu

   The existence of mankind is essentially dependent on written and spoken words. But the power of language goes even beyond spoken or written words languages help us to understand each other to grasp the value of tradition and to learn more about the world. This understanding in turn will bring an appreciation of different cultures, deepen the perception of humanity values, and will help us to progress toward a world of contentment and peace. Professor Stephen Anderson from Yale University quoted: “What is lost when a language is another world”. That means language diversity is crucial to understand the origin of human evolution. Also, Diversity in languages helps to bring fresh ideas and innovation. From this view, I believe diversity in languages promotes social developments and a healthy world. As I’ve mentioned earlier, language has a big impact in our life. However there is an incredible number of minority languages in the world today facing extinction, so does the trend in Vietnam. I am born in a family with high aspirations for languages, my parents can speak fluently 4 languages and they encourage me to realize the importance of my native tongue and embrace all cultures. I now master English and French and start learning Latin and Chinese I believe that with these core languages I can open the world of other occidental and oriental cultures which in turn can motivate me to learn other languages. And I hope, one day I can represent Vietnam at different international instances and speak confidently in different languages. I also hope to help protect the language diversity in Vietnam, which is very important for the Social cohesion and economic development of my country and grow this world in the perception of peace, prosperity and equality.”

3rd Place
Branch : Ocean Edu Ninh Binh
Name: Nguyen Ngoc Phuong thai

“   Koji Annan said that “We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.” Throughout the history of human kind, language has played an indispensable role. In this essay, I am going to clarify the roles of language in our world.

   Firstly, we need to understand what language is. According to Wikipedia, language is the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication particularly the human ability to do so language is any specific example of such a system. It is no doubt that the human language is unique. The major role of language is that it is the primary vehicle to communicate. English is chosen to be the international language. Thanks to English, we can communicate with people around the world despite language barriers. One more significant role of language is that it reflects both the personality of the individual and the culture of the society. Our multi culture world is one good illustration. So what would happen if there were not any languages? People would be unable to understand the others, unable to know others feelings, consequently, there would be conflicts and fighting everywhere because of misunderstanding.

   On the other hand, there are different languages and different beliefs but we all live in one world. Along with this, promoting and maintaining international peace is an even greater priority. Furthermore, we must appreciate all languages. We all know that English is the international language and learning English is compulsory in most countries. However, our mother tongue must also be reserved, losing out mother tongue means losing a part of ourselves.


   Taking everything into account , languages of humankind are various , unique and important. Let me go back to what Koji Annan said, “ We may have different religions, different languages , different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race” , and people from all parts of the world all live for the better world.”

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