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Ocean Edu Tu Son Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

16/09/2016 - 2114 lượt xem

Teacher JB shares her experience during Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration.

     This is the third time that I celebrated and experienced Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam. I even got the chance to play the moon fairy as one of the folk stories about the said event.

    You know that Mid-Autumn festival is coming once your students ask you if you have tasted a moon cake or they would give a box of mooncake to you at school. You can see colorful lanterns, masks and a lot of toys sold in the streets. Then you can also see the traditional lion dance in the street. Listening to the drum beat while lion dance performers dance will also want to make you dance.

    Celebrating it is so fun much because you can see children having fun while playing games and winning prizes. After all, this celebration is about them. 




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