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Ocean edu Summer Camp spread across 22 provinces

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Ocean Edu English Language Center organized a series of chain events called "Hello Summer". Over 30 offices in 22 cities spread across the country opens "Hello Summer" program to make our summer more memorable while learning English Language. This program will surely be loved by students.


Hello Summer is a program created by Ocean Edu to promotes wellness while learning the English Language, with the support enthusiastic support of the majority of parents and students.

Roadshow at Hello Summer 2016





The program is not simply an event organized by Ocean Edu but rather the combination of teachers, students and parents.The main stage is where children are allowed to express their own talent From the vibrant flashmob dance, dancesport and games prepared by Ocean Edu to make the show more entertaining.



Hello Summer Ocean Edu 

During the program a lot of prices and scholarship are given to those who are lucky enough, scholarship up to 3.98 million VND (100% value course).


Lucky Winners of the Scholarships 



Ocean Edu make this program for the children to learn while having fun during summer days rather than being at home learning nothing. Ocean Edu Summer Camp allows students to explore more things and experience outside the school activities. 


CLOSING school year 2015 - 2016 AND scholarship - EDU OCEAN PACIFIC

In the last days of May, Ocean Edu honored and awarded scholarships to the deserving students and encourage students to overcome difficulties in their studies.

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Students in THANH SƠN A have the opportunity to practice English with Ocean Edu Teachers held in Phu Ly

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Ocean Edu English Camp 2016 held in TH Nguyen Viet Xuan

Ocean Edu Thái Nguyên is proud and honored to organize 2016 Asean English Camp at TH Nguyen Viet Xuan School.

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Ocean Edu Hung Yen Extracurricular lessons for Kids

Ocean Edu Hung yen has successfully organized extracurricular lessons for kids. Over 100 students participated the event.

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Ocean Edu Nam Dinh accompany customers during the Festival

Vietnam Book Festival was held in 2016 for the first time in Nam Dinh , attracting thousands of people to attend. This is one of the practical activities , creating cultural beauty in the social life of the province. Edu Nam Dinh honor to accompany programs to promote the spirit of reading, love with numerous books to class , age ... towards building a learning society.

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