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Mid- Autumn Festival: A Living Memorabilia

15/09/2016 - 1678 lượt xem

Teacher Aljohn of Ocean Edu BMT shares his first experience during Mid-Autumn Festival.

Every book has a new chapter to open. Regardless of what the content is, it always contributes a significant memory in our hearts. Indeed, my first Mid-Autumn Festival experience is definitely unforgettable. Aside from extending my efforts for my kids’ performance and mine too, being a part of this glorious event depicts my participation in this momentous festivity for Vietnamese community and to the other countries as a whole. It helps me understand the cultural side of the place where I am now which could widen my understanding to its people, on who they are and what they believed. Because of this, I am able to know its own genealogy and I have known the first Vietnamese person who landed on the moon. Moreover, I was able to feel the happiness from the students’ eyes and was able to broaden my perspective towards parents who are always there to cheer their children on their quest of learning and recreation. This wonderful experience is truly a milestone that would be embedded in my heart-a living memorabilia.



Fruit tray presentation during the celebration






Childrens or students participated in the games





Folk dances 


The anticipated Lion Dance 










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