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Teacher Clare share her experience during the Toefl Competition in Ha Dong.

        August 20, 2016 was my first time to witness and trained students for a TOEFL competition that was held in Ha Dong, Vietnam. Everything was so perfect and it’s nice seeing teachers and students from other branches of OCEAN EDU being gathered together for a competition, and singing in front of them is such a great privilege and honor.

          At first, I decided to give up because most of the Teen students were not cooperative and so “pabebe”. They keep on complaining and suggesting other songs that will fit their expectations. Good thing that I was able to handle all these stress, of course with the help of my supportive co-teacher Mr. Dio Toreno. He encouraged me so much and helped me with all the stuffs and I owe him a lot for that.

          Seeing my students answering the TOEFL exam and dance for the Words in Motion Competition is such an achievement. It made me realize that after all the hardships we’ve been through we were able to overcome it and I am so proud of them. Though we did not make it to the top 3 for the Words in Motion at least we were able to grab the place for the TOEFL examination. Nothing compares to the emotion I felt deep inside and the feeling I felt noticing the support of our manager and the staffs. I thank God for giving me this opportunity and I hope that for the next competition I’ll be more experienced enough to handle such competition. 

Nguyen Trai Ocean Edu Toefl Junior Toefl  Junior Nguyen Trai

-Clare R. Tubil



Last batch of Toefl Junior Achievers before the nationwide round was held in Ocean Edu Ha Dong

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