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Teacher Tax shares his experience during the Toefl Junior Competition.

In an adage by Conrad Hilton, “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” This is a perfect quote that reminds me of the remarkable experience we had a few days ago (July 31, 2016) during the TOEFL JUNIOR INTER-BRANCH COMPETITION which was held in Vinh Yen City, Vietnam.

Days prior to the event, we came across a bumpy path which triggers our bond as a group. We had misunderstanding which almost led to a point of quitting. Thanks to the slogan of our reputable institution, Ocean Edu, ‘Turn on your potential’ that serves as a stepping stone to move forward. Since we only had less than a week to prepare for the event, we had an immense pressure as to whether we can make it or just simply quit than giving a half-baked performance. But this did not stop us. Instead, we challenged one another that we can make it, that we can make a good presentation and can have a good fight in the competition. That was the spirit we inculcate in the minds of our dear students. Therefore, we had a rigid and intense practice even to the point of sacrificing our own day off – devoting our full energy to practice with them.

The day of the competition came. Everyone was excited and scared of what to be the outcome of our hard work. We left our city – Yen Bai at around five (5) in the morning. We arrived at the rendezvous of the event earlier than the rest of the branches. We had breakfast and got ready for the TOEFL JUNIOR TEST. We had ample of time to give final instructions to the students since we were earlier. I can see the concoction of excitement and pressure in the innocent faces of our students as they entered and familiarized the hall for the aforementioned event.

The time for the opening of the program came and everyone was full of energy cheering for their branch. Then students were asked to proceed to their assigned room for the test. It took them nearly two (2) hours to do the test. Immediately after that, everyone was busy looking for places to change their costumes and do their makeup. Then the Words in Motion Competition started. I could really feel the pressure and the hall was jam-packed with both spectators and participants who are excited to witness what each branch has prepared for the show. Parents and guests were busy taking photographs of the lovely participants in their respective costumes. They were all very lovely – especially for our group, who rented their costumes for the event. We could hardly recognize them in their new aura – they were very beautiful and handsome – ready to give a noteworthy performance.

The hall was filled with festive ambience as they groups preformed one after the other. They were all trying their best to give a performance deserving of praise and appreciation. A special note of admiration is due to the Yen Bai group who depicted a spectacular performance in the event. The place was filled with so much energy and resounding applause as the group showcased their talents. The ending was so grand leaving the audience to want more and shouted and clapped in their seats.

Finally, the proclamation of the winners of both the test and the words in motion competition came. Everyone was so excited to know the results. TOEFL TOP TWO (2) in each branch and the overall TOP TEN (10) were announced. It was immediately followed by the announcement of the words in motion competition winners. To everyone’s surprise, there was a twist in the proclamation. Not just one, but all the branches are declared winners and would be competing in the finals in Hanoi with the rest of the winners in other groups. This was so because with the very short span of time given, everybody was able to present a fantastic performance. This escalates the festive feeling and excitement that we are all going to compete again in the grand finals some time soon. Then everyone started to leave the place to have lunch and go back to their respective cities since teachers are still going to have classes in the afternoon. Everyone congratulated one another as they bid goodbye.

Indeed, that experience made us – my team closer and it is definitely a fantabulous experience worth reminiscing. We, then, could proudly say, “See you in the finals!”


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