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"An activity that will help develop the students" - TOEFL JUNIOR COMPETITION

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Teacher Jura shares her thoughts and experience during Toefl Junior Competition

As a teacher being their mentor, their choreographer is not easy for my part especially Hoa Binh branch is a new branch. It is my challenge to reach them to encourage them to join the words in motion competition though they do not love dancing it is awkward for them in the reason of they are not used to dance and dancing is not their passion as well.

In my part it was very hard to convince them at the last minute of the day. But then again I made it. I convinced them using my humble powers. TOEFL is a great achievement for the students like them. This is an activity that develops them. Develops them not just in writing English, speaking English but as well as understanding English words though song and I am grateful that We have this so called “ Words in Motion” to test the students capacity in understanding the words.

Winning is our goal, yes we set our minds to win the contest not to brag but to see to their self that they can do it. I told them we will do our very best for us to win, to win in our own humble efforts. But still I keep on reminding them that win or lose it is okay as long as we present, as long as we tried our best.

I just can’t imagine my students during our practice for 1 day only and for 5 straight hours in the morning and in the afternoon we polished everything. I keep on reminding them that no matter what happens? I am very proud of them because they took the risk in dancing.

After hearing the results my students were so genuinely happy. They reap what they sow.

Keep on thanking me for teaching them, for exploring their talents. We all deserves a good job clap for doing such a great performance.

Thank you so much Ocean Edu for making me as your instrument to touch lives of my students. Forever I will treasure my talent and spread it to the world. Thank you and God Bless!



Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning failure, loyalty, and persistence.

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TOEFL JUNIOR - Activities that will motivate students to accomplish their curricular goals

Extracurricular activities are useful part of education that will provide positive gains for the students. These activities will motivate students to accomplish their curricular goals. These kinds of activities will help students to gain confidence and enable students to display their skills and abilities with ease. These activities will provide students a wonderful language learning environment, and encourage students to improve their level of English.

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