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English is very important and widely accepted language of interaction in todays world. English has been considered to be the Universal language and more than 70 countries around the globe is using English as their language.



English is very important and widely accepted language of interaction in todays world. English has been considered  to be the Universal language and more than 70 countries around the globe is using English as their language. 


So, what is really the best way to teach english to your Children? These opinions or answers, from - the largest question and answer community might help you.  


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" By considering the needs of this present era, it’s quite important to acknowledge the role of smart ways of elearning to gain education. Likewise, I also tend to introduce one of the most significant and running strategy to learn English and gear up the performance level of kids. Yes, I’m talking about one of the best way of smart learning which is the use of smartphone apps. Being an educator and researcher, I’ve found some apps that are really promising to learn English, as well as to test performance via quiz activities. " - Nimra Karamat, M.Sc Sociology "How old are the kids? If they're reading in their native language and are young (6-7 yr old), I'd suggest the Montessori approach - matching cards in categories, like animals, flowers, etc. Setup would be 1 master card with a picture of an object and the word for the object in their native language and in English. The second card is identical, but cut into 3 pieces - picture, native word, English word. With the 1st cards up, the kids try to reassemble the 2nd card. Once they're comfortable, take the control cards, turn them face down, and reassemble the 2nd cards. Then the 1st card is used to check. This requires no teacher intervention. This won't teach them how the words sound, but it'll give them a start."

- Carol Johnson,BA Writing minor Art, Montessori trained preschool  


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"Speak it to them from birth. Seriously though, the best way is to have a native speaker read to them, tell them stories, talk to them and interact with them in English. The second best way would be to send them to a school where the language of instruction is English. If the child has to use the language for real communication, the child will learn the language."

- Whitney Lane, English Teacher.


  Indeed there are countless ways to teach english to our kids from traditional way to the use of technology.  




Ocean Edu Vietnam , largest english Institution in Vietnam with more than 30 branches nationwide - is currently teaching more than 27,000 kids students with our well developed curriculum.

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Ocean Edu Foreign Teachers and Staffs in 22 provinces and cities gathered together to celebrate Christmas. It was an event full of laughter joy and love as we relive the success for this year ad look forward for more in the upcoming New Year.

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A breakthrough in teaching and learning English at Ocean Edu.

Ocean Edu decided and choose the curriculum and educational solutions to completely innovate the teaching and learning here at ocean edu. Each Curriculum will bring new learnings to our students with its new approach in teaching. Also this new curriculum assures that the content has met the standard of English Curriculum in Vietnam.

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Last January 8, 2017 Ocean Edu Linh Dam formally opened. Gathering more than 300 parents and children in the crowd.

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OCEAN EDU : 10 Years In Serving the community, empowering english knowledge to our generation.

Ocean Edu will always continue to make an effort to raise the value of english knowledge for the community and society and strive for the best education we can give to our beloved students. For our customers, thank you so much for being with us until this time.

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Ocean Edu BMT would like to thank all our customers , students,parents for choosing and believing in Ocean Edu . This 2017 we will continue to serve you better. Happy New Year.

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