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A story of success in IELTS examination

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Teacher Alvir's experience in teaching Ielts to a vietnamese student whom eventually pass the ielts examination.

It has been said with this famous Proverb that “practice does not make one perfect but only perfect practice does make one perfect”. This is the statement I always reiterate in class when students are bombarded with pressures in getting their required band score. IELTS examinations is never an easy stuff even English is their second language, some people would always devote their time to review in order for them to achieve the band score needed for their visa application to other countries, it may be for student visa, work visa or immigrant visa.

Teaching IELTS is a challenging career, it does not only meet what the students need but aside the fact, you are involved in their dreams and goals in life. In one way or the other, you touch their loves as you journey together in the study. It is challenging in all aspects most particularly teaching this course in a country that English is their foreign language.

English is considered as foreign language in Vietnam and since IELTS requirement is universal, there is no other way for these students to take the course and study for the longest period of time. Fortunately, most students I have encountered are equipped enough to combat with the challenges. IELTS review will only provided the strategies and tips to get the right answer on the test however the reinforcement of this study is the practice. Practice develops skills on the four language areas, which are listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Ocean Edu has provided a unique curriculum that will cater to the needs of the student. This is a specialized course tailored fit to the individual skill needed. I am proud that 100% participation between the Teacher and the student both has attained their goal at the very first day of the class. One of the success story was Nguyen Nhat Anh, he is studying at Hanoi University of Medicine taking up Medicine. He took the IELTS exam for a student visa in Canada and study at the University of Manitoba.

At first, he had great challenges on the studies; he has difficulty in speaking specifically in pronunciation and fluency. He almost gave up on listening and reading for it was hard to beat the time finding the right answers. Putting in mind on NOT TO GIVE UP, I provided him strategies on how to make things easy base on the guidelines of this exam, he followed and practiced what I taught him and religiously practice conversational English on different topics. Finally, when he took the exam, he only needed to get 6.5 but he got 7.0 more than what is required of him. Next month, he will be studying at the University of Manitoba continuing his studies on Medicine. Indeed, nothing is impossible to those who study hard, putting their hearts on what they do and stay focused on the goals.

Congratulations Nguyen Nhat Anh, and good luck with your studies in Canada! Ocean Edu truly turns on potential in every student we have.

By: Teacher Alvir


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