TIPS Toeic Listening Test

TIPS Toeic Listening Test

Here are the tips in Toeic Listening Test

Before taking the TOEIC Listening Test

1.Evaluate Your Level

The best way to know your level or your capability is to take sample Toeic Listening Test from ETS site and evaluate yourself based on the test result you get.

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2.Practice with the same Test Conditions in Real Situation

This means that when you practice tests, practice with the same time limits and environment as if it is the real situation. This can help you get used to the quick transitions and teach you how to maximize and manage your time during Toeic Listening Test.

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3. Have fun while you practice or study Toeic Listening Test

When you put fun into your practice it can make things more interesting and better. Good example for this is watching shows or movies that have work-related scenes and try to understand what’s happening using your listening skills. This has been proven to be effective in most cases.

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4. Do not chase for the right answers but rather focus on the best possible answer

What does it mean ? What’s the difference between right answer and the best possible answer?

There will be a situation where all of the choices is right. If you encounter this situation you have to find out which answer is the best based on what you’ve heard , read or seen, calling it a context.


Tip toeic Listening Test


While taking Toeic Listening Test

1. Visualize the provided photographs and choose the sentence that best describes the picture

During the first part of the test you will see different series of photos and then listen to four sentences. You have to visualize the provided photos and carefully choose the best sentence that describe the picture.

2. Imagine the sentences and use Prediction Skills to Answer Part Two

For the second part of the exam , your knowledge matter on this part. Take what you already know and use prediction skills to imagine the correct answer before listening to the different options provided so that you will have an idea.

3. Actively Listen to every Detail in Part Three

In this part you will need to focus your attention so that you can actively listen for the answers to the questions as the recording keeps playing.

4. Find relevant keywords and pay attention in Part Four of the Toeic Listening Section

This is the hardest section when it comes to the TOEIC Listening Test. In this part it is easy to fall behind since there are no breaks between the question and also the recording is quite fast. This encourages you to skim through the questions , finds relevant keywords and answers as quickly as possible because this is your only chance to keep up with the speed of the recording.


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