Successful Tips  and Strategies  for TOEIC Reading Comprehension

Successful Tips and Strategies for TOEIC Reading Comprehension

Here are some of the tips and strategies for TOEIC Reading Comprehension.

During the examination there is more time for reading part compared to listening part. Reading Section includes three parts that will test how well you understand written English. You will also read different reading materials and respond to 100 questions based on the content of the materials provided to you.


1. Evaluate Your Level and know your weaknesses.

The best way to start preparing for toeic examination is to evaluate first yourself using sample test from the ETS site and other free online tools in that way you will know where to start.

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2. Read. Read. Read.

The thing that you need most to pass TOEIC Exam is vocabulary, and the best way to learn vocabularies is through reading. You can read articles, paragraph , etc and encircling or underlining new vocabularies you found and at the same time look for the meaning in a dictionary.

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3. Time yourself

One way to practice your time management skills is to time how long it takes you to complete the whole Reading part of the test. This can help you during the examination to manage your time and concentrate on timing rather than the marks.

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4. Set Vocabulary Goal

Learn 5 or more vocabularies per day and set your goal. This can help enhance your reading comprehension and will keep you motivated.

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5. Try real test Conditions

This means that when you practice tests, practice with the same time limits and environment as if it is the real situation. This can help you familiarize the environment and get the strategies to keep your focus on.

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