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Teacher Renwill Shares his experience during TOEFL JUNIOR Achievers competition that was held in Ha Dong.

     The TOEFL Junior experience was great! Students from different OCEAN- EDU branches were able to answer the said examination comprehensively and most importantly they were able to showcase their talents in the Words in Motion competition. It's a perfect avenue to instill discipline, camaraderie, and the confidence to perform in front of many people. Students are able to show what they got and its a very good motivation to study harder and make it on top!

 Ocean Edu Toefl Junior Ha Dong
Ocean Edu Toefl Junior Hadong  
     With my own personal observation, students from the province are more disciplined and they are into the competition compared to Hanoi branches. They're very cooperative and disciplined. With my group, I have to change the routine every now and then because students tend to complain "teacher, i don't like the action, teacher, i don't like the music, i don't like it" and the like. During the practice only 3 or 4 students would show up and some students are busy because they need to go to regular classes. During the actual performance, the routine was a total disaster because additional 4 students showed up and so it was a mess. They were not able to attend the 2 weeks practice and they learned about the routine on the day of the presentation. :(
In general, the event was a great success!! Keep up the good work

TOEFL Junior Competition and it was the best experience I ever had!

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