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Last batch of Toefl Junior Achievers before the nationwide round was held in Ocean Edu Ha Dong

More than 100 candidates and parents were present at the Ocean Edu Ha Dong hoping to be qualified for the nationwide round. 

Preparations for Toefl Junior has been completed

A large number of candidates are present

Many parents came to cheer for their children

Cheerful atmosphere inside the venue

Director of Training Mr. Nico officially opened the competition

After the opening ceremony. the contestants immediately take the exam. The exam consists of three sections: Listening-Reading-Grammar within 120 minutes.


The contestants start doing individual exams within 120 minutes

After the exam the students prepared theirselves for Words in Motion a showcase of talents and skills.

The performers prepare for Words in Motion contest






A showcase of unique talents from each branch

Contest results are published within the end of the morning with the first prize in the competition "Words in Motion" Edu Vinh Ocean belongs to violin performances extremely brilliant.

 A brilliant performance form  Ocean Edu Vinh - Nghe An

 Ocean Edu Vinh - Nghe An reaction after their brilliant perfomance 

The most thrilling moment has come, Mr. Nico - training Director of Ocean Ewdu Vietnam officially announced the winners of the competition.

Bronze medal belongs to you Phan Hoang Duong Nguyen Trai Street from Ocean Edu

Silver medal belongs to a lovely girl from Ocean Edu Le Minh Chau Thanh Hoa

Surprisingly we have two ToP 1 winners 


Top 2 of each branch will go through to the national finals

List your top 10 regional qualifiers Hanoi

For further information, please contact  Ocean Edu Vietnam

In c h i Ocean Edu branch of Vietnam:

Head Office: Building 204 Nguyen Luong Bang - Dong Da - Hanoi

Hotline: 0473.000.333 | 0125 269 8686 




Learning English through songs - Why not?

Lets see how learning English can turn on your potential.

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TOEFL Primary - Your companion in the journey to conquer your dreams in studying abroad.

There are many young people who have been dreaming to study abroad, and gradually realizing that it is not that easy to conquer. In fact not everyone is determined to strive that goal. But Ocean Edu encourages young people to strive that goal by encouraging them to join TOEFL Primary competitions and examinations to make them ready.

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LETS - an effective way to learn English for Children

Hello everyone, Im Tuan Hung and my english name is Tom, I registered and participated in a very special course at Ocean Edu called "Learning English through songs"

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"Ocean Edu Summer Camp is motivation for me to wake up every morning"

Last Summer, Ocean Edu held Summer Camp and was successful beyond expectations. The new school year approaches, the course has ended, so lets hear your thoughts. Do Duy Anh a student recently completed 2016 summer camp courses at Ocean Edu.

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"I have one piece of advice from a teacher who has been teaching at Ocean that I liked it " Learning another language will and are always the most difficult thing to do, so patience and hard work is what you need to do to achieve success "

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