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28/11/2015 - 1737 lượt xem

"For me , teaching English is a perfect choice !"

Greetings! My name is Joy Apacible. I came from the Philippines. I graduated with a degree in business management but later on decided to get a teaching degree to be part of this dignifying job. I have been teaching English since 2009 to a variety of nationalities who wish to have English knowledge and use it in their lives. I have been teaching not only to Vietnamese but also to Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, to name a few. Teaching English in Vietnam has by far been the most challenging job since you do not only need to teach English but also combat the lonliness living away from. My advice to English learners is this; learning a different langauge is and will always be the hardest thing to do, so patience and hard-work are the things you must remember and always do to achieve success.



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