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Teacher Magz Experience during Teacher's Day Celebration

23/11/2016 - 572 lượt xem

Teacher Magz of Ocean Edu Phuc Yen shares his experience during Teacher's Day Celebration

Teacher’s day, Teacher’s day, Teacher’s day! It has been a talk of the town especially in November. I have read this in the office’s announcement board early on since the last week of October. With all honesty, I myself even forgot that teacher’s day is being celebrated with much importance in this country.

Initially, I thought that these students who give flowers, presents and other stuff are perhaps compelled to give something as they see you all throughout the course and it could be a shame if they wouldn’t give some. However, until I personally have experienced something especial which has changed my way of thinking about how Teacher’s day is celebrated in this country.

Two of my former students from different classes paid me a visit with their teacher-day present to personally hand it in to me along with their heart-felt message in which they have personally uttered. One of them even came all the way from Hanoi just to see me.  I felt delighted at that point and it came to my senses that “indeed I am a teacher and they mark respect to me because I have somehow provided them the real essence of life by way of English” I was quite speechless at that moment and the best thing that I could say was “thank you”.

This year has been my second time to experience Teacher’s Day in Vietnam. One thing I have greatly noticed is that the way Vietnamese people pay tribute and respect to their teachers on this special day. I have experienced teaching other nationalities such as Koreans, Japanese, French, Belgian, as well as Russians and a lot more other nationalities. Yes, we do celebrate Teacher’s day but not as fancy as here in Vietnam. Their level of thoughtfulness is pretty much incomparable shall I say.

It has always been an awe-inspiring and a flattering experience for me reading letters from little kiddos, teens and even adults. The amount of flowers which students give (which actually gave me an idea to put up a small flower shop every 20th of November with discounted price - LOL) will surely provide pungent scent around the room and the office.

It gives me joy and a sense of importance and satisfaction to know how I have somehow affected their lives by way of teaching English.

Being a teacher is a tough yet a very rewarding job. In fact, the word “job” is more of like an understatement word to describe what a teacher’s tasks are. I personally have been teaching long enough to experience many faces of what teaching really is. A lot of thorny times, but as soon as you have learnt from it, everything would be smooth sailing. Not a bed of roses, nevertheless it would not be miserable.  I may not be a full-pledge degree holder of Education. I may not have the master’s neither the Doctor’s degree in teaching, yet in my heart the passion is there.

And I would say, my teacher’s day experience here in Vietnam is one of a kind and a heart-warming experience that will surely last forever.




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