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Register Now! To get Ocean Edu Australian Scholarship

11/03/2016 - 1621 lượt xem

As part of the tribute in March, Ocean Edu celebrate the opening of new branches for the customers. "Registration consecutive hands - right Rinhn scholarship" is the gift that Ocean Edu would like to recommend to all customers.



When you enroll at Ocean edu , you will get a chance to win Corinthians Australian summer camp scholarships ,gifts and many more that is worth 49 million Dong.

Australia is a beautiful country with vast desert areas, with houses and gardens filled with colorful flowers, with the modern city, and home of the famous beaches in the world.

You can see cute and beautiful animals in Australia like Kangaroo, chirping squirrels Possum running on the roof. Australia has the best quality of education supported by an active Government.

So if you have the desire to experience living and studying in an advanced environment. Come to Ocean Edu and we will turn your dreams into reality."

Contact us now 1900 6494 or go to our nearest branch for more details and be one of the lucky customers to received gifts and freebies.