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Ocean Edu Vinh Asean English Camp

10/11/2018 - 583 lượt xem

ASEAN ENGLISH CAMP Activity enhances the student's English Skills by providing them enjoyable outside activities with our foreign teachers.

The fascinating journey with "ASEAN ENGLISH CAMP" has given the students an enjoyable and rewarding experience.



5 main activities: MINUTE TO WIN IT, WORD RUN, SHOPPING TIME, ASEAN LINGO, JUST DANCE was created by ESL  experts in the “ASEAN ENGLISH CAMP" and has brought extremely exciting activities to the students.



Students in Ocean Edu Vinh have had physical development activities besides learning and cultivating their English skills.



Through the physical activities, music, sports, challenges, games, exploring the surroundings around so the students will be able to build the habit of creative thinking, agility and equipped theirselves with confidence in speech, style which might give them the courage to learn the english language.


Students are provided with an English speaking environment with lots of useful activities to help them get to know the language freely.


Not only that, Ocean Edu also offering valuable scholarships as an encouraging gift, encouraging them to study hard, to practice English to become global citizens in the technology 4.0 era.


Ocean Edu will continue to provide useful educational programs that bring practical knowledge and skills to our students. 


Ocean Edu Lang Son Opening

Ocean Edu Lang Son was officially open at 266 BaTrieu, Lang Son City on October 26th. The ceremony was successful, leaving a deep impression in the heart of students, parents and guests who attended the event

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Ocean Edu Successfully opens its new branch - OCEAN EDU SAM SON

On September 14,2018 - Ocean Edu Vietnam successfully opens its new branch - Ocean Edu Sam son.

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With the slogan "Play ... Learn and Grow Together", Ocean Edu Vietnam commits to make the event meaningful and at the same time enjoyable while learning english.

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Ocean Edu Vietnam Newest Branch - Ocean Edu Xa La - Hanoi

Ocean Edu Vietnam is pleased to announce the opening of our new branch in Hanoi: Ocean Edu Xa La.

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VYL and YL Teachers Training 2018

Ocean Edu Vietnam together with National Geographic conducted VYL(Very young learners) and YL(Young Learners) Training. The goal is to enhance the skills of our teacher and learn our new curriculum. The training was conducted by Mr Michael Gough - one of the Authors of the National Geographic "HIDE and SEEK"

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