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Ocean Edu Phu Ly Mid Autumn Festival

16/09/2016 - 1657 lượt xem

Teacher Alvir shares his experience during Mid Autumn Festival in Ocean Edu Phu Ly Branch

      It has been a couple of years collaborating with the celebration of Mid-Autumn festival, and late have I realized that this festival has historical and genuine meaning in every Vietnamese. Children and family were very excited to join the said festival due to unwanted surprises and gifts. Parents brought their kids on the festival to make them happy and have fun with food and candies. Indeed, this festival had different activities including the dazzling lion dances, lantern parades and games for the children. I got to learn their culture but having a deeper understanding as to where this festival begun. I have tasted the ever sweet moon cake which they made it with full semblance of meaning and symbolic taste base on the historical and religious beliefs.

    Ocean Edu has given the chance to participate and acculturate foreign teachers to experience the cultural event and appreciate the genuine expressions of family gathering of love and care. Seeing many fruits, snack and entertainment while everybody got to enjoy watching including literary and arts. Ocean Edu took part of giving opportunities to all children to learn English by giving discount vouchers in Ocean Edu Phu Ly as well as Phu Ly Department of Culture and Sports. Most of the students shown their interest to learn in Ocean Edu the way I felt it when I hosted the games and perform by dancing and singing on stage.





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