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Ocean Edu Intensive Day Camp Experience

27/09/2016 - 2205 lượt xem

Teacher Don shares his experience during Ocean Edu Intensive Day Camp Experience


    It was last Saturday, Sept. 24 when Ocean Edu had its yearly English Intensive Camp in one of the public schools in Viet Tri. It was another great experience to me as a new teacher in Ocean Edu. We had different activities for the kids like teaching them the language through songs and lyrics, sports, dance and others and seeing them enjoying every activity is worth the hard work. I would also say that having such experience abled me to share my gift to everyone especially for the kids in turning on their potentials. Working with the other teachers, staffs and the heads of Ocean Edu is also something that can be proud of for I was able to know them better.

    To see all the kids’ happiness during that day was really something that can never be exchanged with any material things. So, I’m looking forward to be part of more intriguing events in some other places in the future.

    Thank you Ocean Edu!


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