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Ocean Edu Hung Yen Extracurricular lessons for Kids

08/05/2016 - 2038 lượt xem

Ocean Edu Hung yen has successfully organized extracurricular lessons for kids. Over 100 students participated the event.

During this Fieldtrip to the Library and museum of Hung Yen children were able to learn not only the fascinating history of the nation but they also learn the English Language and vocabularies.



             The Children really enjoyed the fieldtrip with the foreign teachers.


And the next stop was revealed it was Ho Chi Minh memorial and museum in Hung Yen province .

Ocean Edu Hung yen representative to offer incense at the memorial. 


After the fieldtrip in the museum and library all the students, teachers and staff together gained knowledge about the history of Vietnam at the same time learning the English language.


Ocean Edu is proud to be one of the first learning center to laid the foundation of English language to the students.



Ocean Edu Nam Dinh accompany customers during the Festival

Vietnam Book Festival was held in 2016 for the first time in Nam Dinh , attracting thousands of people to attend. This is one of the practical activities , creating cultural beauty in the social life of the province. Edu Nam Dinh honor to accompany programs to promote the spirit of reading, love with numerous books to class , age ... towards building a learning society.

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Ocean Edu BMT organized exchange programs between students and foreign teachers .

Ocean Edu BMT organized exchange programs between students and foreign teachers . Nguyen Binh Khiem Primary School held a Ceremony to honor the 1,300 children.

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Ocean Edu Thái Nguyên accompanied the success of "Golden Bell" contest event.

Ocean Edu accompanied the success of the program "Golden Bell" contest as the gold sponsor together with Taiyuan University.

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