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20/09/2016 - 2030 lượt xem

Teacher Jura of Hoa Binh shares her experience during Mid Autumn festival

As I am a first timer here in Vietnam everything for me were good. From food, people, places and festivals or should I say events.

Here in Vietnam they yearly celebrate “Mid- Autumn Festival” every first week of September we/our school which is OCEAN EDU celebrates. We had so much fun during that moment of time. I rendered a song and dance number for the said party. As well as my Kids2A and Kids1A performs too.

I am a proud teacher to my students, staffs and to my manager who prepared everything and it turned out so well. All parents were there too to witness and celebrate with us together with their kids.


Many foods, different variety. When it comes to food I have no more questions but to eat, eat and eat.

Fun games were also present of course, and everybody actively participates the said fun games. To be specific we had game 1: trip to Vietnam (Jerusalem) where they will dance around the chairs and when the music stops they will sit, however who cannot sit on the chair will be out and if who can survive till last will be the winner and will receive a price from the school “Ocean Edu Hoa Binh Branch”.  And everything went so smooth, lively and bold.

The last part was super-duper fun. All of my students really loves to eat too like their teacher Jura. Most of the parents talk to me and they asked the performance of their child during ordinary school days.

I can see it in the eyes of the parents that they were so happy, enjoyed and motivated to their child to study more in English.

To add up teacher Jinky also present a song number and of course teacher Jura as a partner do the impromptu moves.

To sum it up, everything was excellent! Bravo to everyone. Looking forward for more festival like this. Thanks to Mr. Nico James A. Bantayanon and company for everything.




Truly yours,

Teacher Jura


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