Effective Toefl Reading Tips and Strategies

Effective Toefl Reading Tips and Strategies

Here are some of the effective tips that can help you pass the reading section of TOEFL iBT examination.

Reading examination is the first component you will have to do during TOEFL iBt examination. It measures your ability to read and understand academic texts or passages in English. The three main purposes for academic reading in TOEFL iBT are :

  • Reading to find Information
  • Basic Comprehension
  • Reading to Learn

Reading Section Criteria :

  • Consist of 3-5 texts; each text is about 700 words long.
  • Each reading text is followed by 12-14 questions related to the text.


TIPS and STRATEGIES before the examination

1. Read, Read, Read

Read English passages or articles regularly and focus on academic texts from university textbooks or other materials. Avoid sticking to one or two topics that you are interested in rather read from variety of subjects such as science, business, arts, history, geography.

2. Find the purpose of the passages or texts

Knowing the purpose of the passage when reading may easily find what the writer is trying to accomplish in this way it can help you tackle main purposes for academic reading in TOEFL Ibt.

3. Increase Vocabulary While Reading passages or texts

While reading variety of texts you can make a list of words. Use and learn those words in your writing and speaking.

4. Learn how to skim

Skimming is one of the tools you can use to read more in less time. It refers to looking or reading only the general or main ideas which can help you during the examination.

5. Enroll at Ocean Edu Toefl Preparatory Courses

Ocean Edu is one of the leading English Center here in Vietnam that caters quality education for almost 10 years now. The institution provides Toefl Preparatory Courses that can enhance your english skills and help pass the TOEFL Examination. Enroll Now.

During the examination Strategies

Stay Relax.

You don’t have to be familiar with the topic of the TOEFL iBT reading passages , all the information needed to provide correct answers in in the text and also the definition of some subject-specific words is available.

Time Management

Be fast but try to avoid thinking about the clock. Do not lose your concentration on what you read and the questions that are asked.

Trust your Instinct

During Toefl Ibt examination there is no penalty for an incorrect answer. Do not leave blank answers and if you do not know the answer try to guess and trust your instinct.


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