Ocean Edu Viet Tri IELTS Teaching

Ocean Edu Viet Tri IELTS Teaching

Teacher Amy's experience in teaching IELTS in Ocean Edu Viet Tri


It was last year when Phu Tho Provincial Hospital had chosen Ocean Edu Viet Tri Branch among the other language centers in the said city to help fifteen (15) doctors reach the desired IELTS bandscore as a prerequisite of sending them abroad for training and further studies-all those for free.

The lessons started on July 2015. Most of these doctors were incapable of communicating in English both in writing and speaking. So, teachers and the staff carefully planned a program to best suit their needs and level and to achieve maximum result in six (6) months. The first six (6) weeks, teachers gave them IELTS vocabulary words for the preparation of much challenging lessons and activities. Then, on the 7th week, lessons were divided into four areas/skills: writing, listening, reading and speaking and the
management also thouroughly appointed teachers to handle each area. Between the months of July and December, both teachers and the students put their best feet forward to make into the desired bandscore. A month before they finished the course, every lesson was like a real test. Everyday, they were assessed and were told about what made their test didn’t reach the bandscore they had been aiming.

Nevertheless, affter months of rigid training, lessons, and discussions, the students had finally shown progress. The teachers could have been more proud [prouder] of this success. Although not all of them were able to go to other countries, Ocean believes that everything they had learned in a short period of time and the confidence they got while studying are all incomparable.

-written by:
Ms. Amy Ruiz Sales
OCEAN EDU Viet Tri Branch


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