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Learning English through songs - Why not?

10/08/2016 - 1306 lượt xem

Lets see how learning English can turn on your potential.

Hello Everyone! I am Thu Minh 9 years of age and currently attending a special English Course in Ocean Edu Vietnam calle LETS which means Learning English through Songs. Sounds interesting right? Here, I was with Mr. Alvir Anthony - a famous vocal trainer.


I love music. Our teacher teaches us famous english songs from youtube and overcome our shortcomings. Aside from learning the songs we also learned the English vocabulary very effeciently. The music helped her remember English language effectively. Now, I can understand and remember the words of some songs in English and that should help me get an effective way to learn English.

We learned a lot of english songs to sing like Roar by Katy Perry, Better I'm dancing by Meghan trainor, Faded - Alan Walker and so on. 
Come and learn English through English songs. 


TOEFL Primary - Your companion in the journey to conquer your dreams in studying abroad.

There are many young people who have been dreaming to study abroad, and gradually realizing that it is not that easy to conquer. In fact not everyone is determined to strive that goal. But Ocean Edu encourages young people to strive that goal by encouraging them to join TOEFL Primary competitions and examinations to make them ready.

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LETS - an effective way to learn English for Children

Hello everyone, Im Tuan Hung and my english name is Tom, I registered and participated in a very special course at Ocean Edu called "Learning English through songs"

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"Ocean Edu Summer Camp is motivation for me to wake up every morning"

Last Summer, Ocean Edu held Summer Camp and was successful beyond expectations. The new school year approaches, the course has ended, so lets hear your thoughts. Do Duy Anh a student recently completed 2016 summer camp courses at Ocean Edu.

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"I have one piece of advice from a teacher who has been teaching at Ocean that I liked it " Learning another language will and are always the most difficult thing to do, so patience and hard work is what you need to do to achieve success "

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Learn English along with Ocean Edu

Hello everyone , my name is Nguyen Duc Thinh , its English name is Dick.

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