Việt Nam English
Ocean Edu Bac Ninh: Awarding Certificates to our Kids Students

Ocean Edu Bac Ninh Kids Students had their closing ceremony. Teacher Jennifer and Cristy awarded the students with certificates proving that they have completed the course.

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Ocean Edu Lao Cai : Living in the Moment

Most children love to talk and explore. Ocean Edu provide opportunities for students to get social with their peers. You will see students will establish relationships that promote a positive classroom environment. Getting social and talking about things other than schoolwork will make students happy. See photos below:

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Ocean Edu Bac Giang : Free English Class with 100% Foreign Teachers

Ocean Edu Bac Giang held a Free Class for childrens age 4-6 years old. The children experience being taught by Foreign Teachers of Ocean Edu trying to develop and improve their english skills for a better tomorrow. Activities includes introducing new vocabularies, coloring artwork, Singing english songs and many more. See photos below.

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Ocean Edu Hoa Binh : Kindy 1B-2 Students

Ocean Edu use art forms to give students a healthy way to express their emotions like sadness, anger,aggression, happiness and excitement. Every student is unique so Ocean Edu look for ways to foster the artistic expression that's already within them and at the same time incorporate the English language in every activity.

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A breakthrough in teaching and learning English at Ocean Edu.

Ocean Edu decided and choose the curriculum and educational solutions to completely innovate the teaching and learning here at ocean edu. Each Curriculum will bring new learnings to our students with its new approach in teaching. Also this new curriculum assures that the content has met the standard of English Curriculum in Vietnam.

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